Install SQL Server 2014 Step by Step with example


In this article learn to install sql server 2014 step by step using our example screen shots without any errors.

About SQL Server 2014

SQL Server is Microsoft's relational database management system (RDBMS). SQL Server is a Microsoft product used to manage and store information.

SQL Server 2014 is a Microsoft product used to manage and store information. Technically, SQL Server is a "relational database management system" (RDMS). Broken apart, this term means two things. First, that data stored inside SQL Server will be housed in a "relational database", and second, that SQL Server is an entire "management system", not just a database. SQL itself stands for Structured Query Language. This is the language used to manage and administer the database server.

2014 Express edition

It has limitation featured. SQL Server management studio 2014 cannot manage SQL Server Analysis Services, Integration Services, Reporting Services or SQL Server Agent. SQL Server Express Edition is a free edition of SQL Server, which includes the core database engine. There is no limitation on the number of database.

Developer Edition

It is fully feature think. SQL Server Developer includes the same feature as SQL Server Enterprise Edition, but it is a limited by the license to be only used as a development and test system and not as production server.

Step 1 - Installing SQL Server 2014

When you install the SQL Server then open the SQL Server following way, it is show in the following screen shot:

Step 2 - SQL Server 2014

When you install the SQL Server. The following screen will come

Step 3 - SQL Server 2014

I case you not getting the login screen inside the SQL Server. Than you can go and click on the "File" and click on the "Connect object Explorer" follow the screen shot

Step 4 - SQL Server 2014


It is background process. It is the hart the SQL Server. Which is handling that RDBMS or core. It is main core engine and create.

This is one of the most common way used by all DBAs. We can either go to star ą Run and type services.msc or by using the windows start ąprogramsąadministrative toolsą Services menu. Then right click the MSSQLServer and right click the required action.

Step 5 - SQL Server 2014

If do not start the services, it shows the error.

Step 6 - SQL Server 2014

When connected to database. Now you can go and see the database and create the table and do a lot of activity. Data should be excess by Authenticate or authorization person. For security point of you SQL Server has given two ways of Authenticate.

  1. Windows Authenticate
  2. SQL Server Authenticate

1. Windows Authenticate

In Windows Authentication, you have to login to Windows account of the computer.Windows authentication is the default, and is often referred to as integrated security because this SQL Server security model is tightly integrated with Windows. The following screen will come

2. SQL Server Authenticate

In SQL Server Authentication given login Id and Password. You need to provide login Id and Password then you go and do the SQL activity. Mixed mode supports authentication both by Windows and by SQL Server. User name and password pairs are maintained within SQL Server. The following screen will come

Step 7 - SQL Server 2014

When you connect the SQL Server you will see the follow the screen short.

If do not start the "Object Explorer". Then you can go and click on the "View" and click on the "Object Explorer". Either press to "F8". The following screen will come.

Step 8 - SQL Server 2014


A database is a collection of information that is organized so the it can easily be accessed, managed and updated. Database support storage and manipulation of data. Database make data management easy. SQL Server organised data in the format of database. Which is collection of table and table having rows and row has columns.

Create Database

Creates a new database and the files used to store the database. Then follow the screen short.

When Click the Database to see the "New Database". Then show the follow the screen short.

Step 9 - SQL Server 2014

There you can see the "MyDatabase" has been created. Inside "MyDatabase" let us create the "Table". Click on the right Butten on the "Table". Then show the following screen shot.

Step 10 - SQL Server 2014

Inside the tblCustomer, we have to field hear, CustomerCode and CustomerName. Then "ctrl+s" to save the table. Then show the following screen shot.

Step 11 - SQL Server 2014

In order to see that, if my table are created or not. Go to

Object Explorerą Database ąDatabase name(MyDatabase) ąTable ąTable name(tblCustomer). Then show the following screen shot.

Step 12

Inside the table, we can go and add the rows. Right click on the Table name and "edit top 200 rows". Then show the following screen shot.

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