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In this article, step by step we will see php code example to how to upload an image and store that uploaded image path in mysql database using PHP code.

Step 1 : Create a simple HTML form

In step 1, let's create a simple HTML form.

<form action="saveimage.php" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post">

<table style="border-collapse: collapse; font: 12px Tahoma;" border="1" cellspacing="5" cellpadding="5">
<input name="uploadedimage" type="file">


<input name="Upload Now" type="submit" value="Upload Image">



As you see from our above code that we have created a simple form which consist of input:file and input:submit button.

Make Proper use of Form Attributes

To upload any image file, It is mandatory to set following attribute as, enctype = "multipart/form-data" and action="a target path where form-data will be posted" before submitting it to the server and this is only applicable in HTTP method = "post". These attributes is available in "form" tag. So while uploading any image file make sure you have set those above attributes properly.

Since we will be using PHP scripting language to save an image to the server therefore in the "form-action" attribute we will use file with ".php" extension.

Step 2 : Create MYSQL Database Table

To create a database table, we need to write a mysql query. If you want you can use "phpmyadmin" an interface to create tables or database.

CREATE TABLE images_tbl(
   images_path VARCHAR(200) NOT NULL,
   submission_date DATE,
   PRIMARY KEY (images_id)

As you see from above the screen shot that we have successfully created a table called "images_tbl" with columns "images_id" as

Primary Key, "images_path" to save image path and "submission_date" to note the image uploaded date.

Step 3 : Create MYSQL Connection in PHP

We will create a new php file for the connection and lets name it as "mysqlconnect.php". So lets write mysql connection.

Code in "mysqlconnect.php" file.


We have used "mysql_connect()" function to connect mysql and "mysql_select_db()" function to connect to particular database.

Step 4 : Store Image in Database using PHP

To store uploaded image path in database we will create a new php file name it as "saveimage.php" because in the "form" tag we gave "action" attribute target path as "saveimage.php" and in this file ("saveimage.php") all the form-data will be posted.

Let's Code "saveimage.php" file.

First lets include the mysql connection file in top of "saveimage.php" file.


Second let' write a simple function which will give us the image extension from a image type because there are different image types available to upload like"jpeg, gif, png, bmp" etc. So we have to create a simple function which will return us the image extension depending on the image-type.


Kindly Note : If you want to save an image with new name then only use the above function other wise you can also get uploaded image name with extension by using the global PHP $_FILES["uploadedimage"]["name"] variable.

In this example we will be storing an image with new name so we will be using that above "GetImageExtension()" function.

Let's store an Image in database with new name.

Complete Code in "saveimage.php" file to Store an Uploaded Image in Database


   exit("Error While uploading image on the server");



If you don't want to use the new image name you can replace the following code as shown below.


About move_uploaded_file()

move_uploaded_file() a php inbuilt function which helps us to upload any image or file to the server. It takes input as file name and target source destination.

move_uploaded_file (string $filename , string $destination)

If you see in our above that we have called our insert mysql query only when move_uploaded_file() function uploads the file successfully to the server other wise exit with an error.

When move_uploaded_file() upload the file to the server that time we have called mysql insert query on table "images_tbl" to store the image name and path from "$imagename" variable and submission_date as today's server d by using date by using php date() function.

Step 5 : OUTPUT : Display Image From Database using PHP


" alt="" />">

This is all about the php image uploading and storing it in the mysql database. If you like this article kindly share it with your friends and want to comment please let me know through you comments. Thanks





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