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Understand Object Oriented Programming (OOPS) Concepts in PHP

This article is very useful for beginners who want to take up their coding level to the next level using object oriented programming concepts in php. This post covers complete oops concepts like classes and objects, inheritance, abstraction, encapsulation

PHP Force Download Any File, PDF, Video, Image, Zip, CSV, Docx

In this article we will see how to force download text, rich format text, images, videos, pdfs, tar zip, word document (doc, docx), excel (xls, xlsx), powerpoint, mp3, mp4, audio or any file or application using a simple PHP script.

Select, Insert, Update and Delete using jQuery Ajax Animation Effects in PHP

In this article we will demonstrate step by step without reloading page / refresh page how to do insert, update, delete and select using jQuery Ajax animation effects in PHP code.

How to insert data using jQuery Ajax in PHP

In this article we will see step by step to post the data and to insert into mysql database without refreshing the current page using php scripting and jQuery ajax code. The jQuery library has a full suite of Ajax capabilities inbuilt jQuery ajax functio

Step by step to upload a file to ftp server using php code

In this article we will see step by step to upload any file or to delete any file from ftp server using php ftp functions. PHP scripting language offers some of inbuilt FTP functions, so we will see how to use those functions to upload a file or to delete

Step by step to upload an image and store in database using php

In this article, step by step we will see php code example to how to upload an image and store that uploaded image path in mysql database using PHP code.

How to get Date and Time using PHP

In this article i have explained about php date and time, how to retrieve current date and current time using php. How to get previous dates or upcoming dates everything covered in this article.

What is PHP with a simple example using PHP

This article specially written for those who wants to know about PHP or how to get started with PHP with a simple demo example